We offer economically advantageous conditions for investments, having the ability to conduct transactions at a high professional level.
  • Attraction of foreign business and technology partners to Russian regional projects
  • Development of joint venture concepts and assistance in the establishment of overseas businesses
  • Assessment of the investment cooperation priorities
  • Creation of an investment accelerator
— Investment expertise
— Investment marketplace
  • Attraction of funds into investments projects in Russia
  • Promotion of Russian technologies, products and services in various industries, including in Europe and the SEA
  • Information and analytical support of the market players
  • Creation of an investment marketplace digital platform
  • Creation and development of a digital legal practice
Investment projects for Russian companies
Requirements for investments and technologies, new markets and partners
  • Investment due diligence
  • Proficient project packages
  • Market positioning and project implementation
Investment expertise
For the product initiators
Investment expertise
Strategy presentations
Attraction of investors and partners
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For investors
Investment expertise
Investment strategy
Acceleration of technologies
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