Investment and financial consulting
  • Attraction of foreign business and technology partners to Russian regional projects
  • Development of financial models
  • Preparation of long-term development programmes and concepts
  • Funding attraction support
  • Development of basic methods for investments and finance management
Development of the integrated operating model of the Little Ring of Moscow Railway. Financial advisor functions.
Implemented projects
Preparation of the Transfer Hub Construction Investment Project for 15 transport interchange hubs.
Development of the business plan for the creation of an energy service company (ESCO) based on the core business of the Rusnano Management Company.
Business Case 1. Major oil and gas company (2012-2014)
Compliance audit of the corporate security management systems, with the identification of risks and lost benefits. Anti-fraud.

Optimisation of a well-structured P&A programme
Annual savings: RUB 450 mln
Cost reduction of 9.3%
Business Case 2. Major production holding (2015-2016)
Optimisation of internal outsourcing of a service unit for the maintenance of energy facilities through a corporate reconstruction.

Optimization result
Annual savings: RUB 475 mln
Cost reduction of 3.5%
Accident rate reduction of 8%
Investment consulting. High usage and best services.
  • Sales and purchases of commercial properties
  • Deal searching and screening
  • Transaction structuring
  • Raising and restructuring of debt financing
  • Investment assessments
Construction of flagship stores for premium brands (VERTU, LVMH, PRADA, FREY-WILLE, Re Store, YVES SALOMON) with an area ranging from 40 to 200 sq. m in Moscow and St. Petersburg:
  • End-to-end project management up to the commissioning
  • General contract

15 stores of premium Western brands were constructed and launched in Moscow and St. Petersburg, both in a street-retail format and in premium shopping malls (GUM, TSUM, VREMENA GODA, CROCUS CITY MALL), with the highest quality rating from the Western architects of the VERTU, TAG HEUER, FREYWILLE brands.
  • Multifunctional centre in the areas of the NPO Geliymash and Sojuz plants, Moscow, 120,000 sq. m
  • Development of 2 options of an architectural concept and business model
Implemented projects
Legal and tax consulting
The tax consulting services rendered by the IFC Group include a full range of services concerning legal and tax support, and cover the following areas:
  • Real estate and development
  • Corporate law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Taxes and finance
  • Representation in legal proceedings
  • Compliance (anti-corruption, anti-monopoly, labour laws, etc.)
  • Intellectual property
1. Extensive experience in supporting fundraising projects for Russian businesses to attract financing in the Russian and international markets, including by using CLN tools:
UBS (Austria)
Merrill Lynch International (UK)
C.R.R.BV (the Netherlands)
Bank of Austria
ING (the Netherlands)
Swedbank (Sweden)
and others with the funding volume per project of up to USD 300 mln
2. Experience in structuring international development transactions with the participation of foreign funds and companies:
ImmoEast (Austria)
Apollo-Rida (UK)
DMK Group (Germany)
3. Experience in IPO support for the Russian Development Group (RTM) by means of shares placements in Russia and in GDRs abroad (private placements)

4. Experience in financial arrangements for the Russian subsidiary of a large international holding company (based in Germany)

5. Experience in the creation and structuring of corporate structures (holdings) using foreign jurisdictions (Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, BVI)

6. Experience of comprehensive support for international small and medium-sized hydro power projects (Colombia, Armenia)
Legal and tax support of MediaMarkt operations in the Russian Federation Support of the deal, on the seller’s part, for the sales of MediaMarkt Saturn to Safmar Group.
Implemented projects
MMS dea
Support of the deal, on the seller’s part, for the sales of MediaMarkt Saturn to Safmar Group.
MMS taxes
Successful representation of the customer (MediaMarkt Saturn) in a VAT
refund worth RUB 1.2 bln.
CJSC Financial and Industrial Association Union
Turnkey support for sales of the business centre (best property in 2016, according to Commercial Real Estate journal) in Presnensky District, downtown Moscow, to a major mineral resource holding.
PJSC Rostelecom
Turnkey cadastral and title registration of over 1.7 thousand km of communication cable lines via arbitration, due to the absence or insufficiency of permissive and other documents for the facilities.

The project has been successfully implemented, and the customer’s title has been recognised and registered.

​The project is unique, particularly in view of an absence at that time (2013) of any precedents, especially given the serious issues with the customer documents.
Assets and business appraisals
Appraisal services and cost consulting are provided for a comprehensive approach to the improvement of the business performance, capitalisation increase, and an improvement of the financial information quality. We perform appraisals in accordance with the federal laws and international standards for all assets, including:
  • Shares and participatory interests
  • Intangible assets
  • Real estate and land titles (also to challenge the cadastral value)
  • Receivables, goods, works and services
  • Machines, equipment and vehicles
  • Cost consulting including services related to the determination of the market, investment and the fair value of an asset, in accordance with the international valuation standards.
Implemented projects
Development of trademark appraisal methods
​Implementation period
2010-2012, 2013-2014

Role of the participant
Contractor, appraisal company

Activities performed
We developed unique methods for the determination of the market price of the trademarks and usage rights, with due consideration for specific aspects of the corporate structures, business models and transfer pricing requirements.
Engineering and technical audits
The technical advisory services provided by IFC Group include the technical examination of projects and technologies, as well as engineering support for various projects:
  • Development of regulatory documentation
  • Design and engineering surveys
  • Construction (quality control, designer supervision)
  • Engineering
  • Diagnostics and expert examinations
Implemented projects
Survey of the M-1 Belarus highway junction
Assessment of the technical condition of the metal structures, spans, flyover bridges, crosswalks, as well as the structural elements and supports after a suspension of the construction.

  • Detailed report on the defects and their reasons due to a lack of the facility preservation during the construction suspension
  • Deviations from the design and detailed design documentation were identified
  • Recommendations for the elimination of defects were given
1. More than 5000 projects have been designed for constructions, retrofitting and upgrading, refurbishments and overhauls

2. In more than 4000 projects, the project documentation has been examined

3. In more than 1600 projects, we have organised and followed-up a state expert review of the design documentation

4. In more than 2000 projects, the design and estimate documentation has been developed for the removal of defects

5. Designer supervision has been performed in 1116 facilities of the fuel and energy sector

6. Unique design and development experience has been applied to transfer hub construction concepts in Moscow and the Moscow Region
Engineering services for construction management in the framework of an investment project (2018-2019)
Management of the construction of a sulphuric acid plant with a capacity of 200,000 tpa.

Project peculiarities
Use of expensive process equipment and onsite interaction with the Chinese experts performing the work on a round-the-clock basis, 7 days a week.

  • Development of as-built documentation for the further commissioning of the facility
  • Overall construction supervision at the construction site on a round-the-clock basis
  • Technical customer functions at the construction completion and commissioning stage
  • Laboratory testing of the completed work quality
Marketing and design
We help companies and brands streamline their communication with the customer.
We create challenging and sometimes unique projects with various business objectives. Therefore, we are always available to offer an expert solution for you, with confidence.
  • Market survey and analysis
  • Company’s positioning
  • Developing information and presenting logic
  • Writing texts on the company and the product
  • Description of key benefits for the target customer
  • Development of an up-to-date visual style for presentations and media materials
Value proposition
7 years of experience in the market
267 implemented projects
6710 pages designed and depicted
Key customers